The day you get married is one of the most important days of your life. What about being in an epic fairy tale ? In Cinderella’s carriage which is made of a pumpkin or in a carriage which is pulled by royal horses... Wouldn’t you like to join your guests just like a fairy tale character? The carefully designed uniform of the coachmen who drives a carriage which is pulled by specially trained, noble and fancy horses will match your choice... Besides the options we offer to you, we turn your dreams into reality by making your options real, too. Whether an Indian wedding, country wedding or a palace wedding, whatever the theme is, doesn’t matter, let your dreams come true. As Düğün Faytonu, we promise you, your family and friends a day that you can never forget.

From the carriages to horses, from the flowers to dresses, from the ornaments to accessories everything will be up to your choice and taste. We make your wedding day a memory that you can’t forget by planning each detail from the wedding organization to photographing.

Our horses are well –groomed. Besides the routine care we have, we also massage the horses with some special cremes in order to prevent the irritations which could be caused by the cold weather or moisture. At the same time , the hoofs are decorated with glitters on a thin layered surface in order to preserve their original colour. Our horses have eco-friendly diapers in order not to give harm to the environment And we use a perfume with an orange flower essence to get rid of the unpleasant smell. We carry our horses to the places that our clients want with the imported trailers which are designed by considering the physchological and health conditions of the horses. The harnesses which connect the horses to the carriage are produced with handmade sewing and embroidery . With their clean and bright look, they present a semiclassic scene from the 19th century. Our carriage protects you from the rain with its transparent, plastic cover and at the same time you can easily see the outside and easily been seen from the outside . Our specially trained, presentable and experienced coachmen are hired according to their experiences in New York Central Park rides and their fluent English.

Our carriages are also ready for all the formal invitations, henna nights and other special days and nights .

Wish to see you in an unwritten legend...



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